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Quality from your Farmner

The Spargelhof Feldmann

For many, it’s a trend – to “know where it comes from...” For us at Eisvogel, it is much more than that. Behind Feldmann Hof lies a great passion – that of Martin Feldmann. He has been running the family farm for more than 25 years. In the past there were pigs, then for a long time exclusively Abensberg white asparagus and today the range includes healthy vegetables and delicious berries. Our chickens, which are responsible for the fresh breakfast eggs, also found a home there some time ago.

It’s a great asset for the Eisvogel to offer fresh first-class produce from its own fields – the value and sustainability behind it is enormous.

Martin Feldmann

He is actually a trained chef and when he is not sitting at the tractor or working his fields, he is a restaurateur through and through and is happy to accompany you to your table in the Eisvogel Restaurant on Sunday lunchtime with wit and humor. Martin Feldmann is extremely skilled and always ready with a solution.

He has been growing asparagus on his parents' farm in Neukirchen for 30 years, with the help of his brother Christian. He is constantly expanding his repertoire with new products and ideas. Top quality is his hobbyhorse and his daily aspiration - that's what he and his Feldmann asparagus farm are known for!

The Farm Shop

Besuchen Sie doch auch den Hofladen direkt am Feldmann Hof. Dort warten allerlei leckere Obst und Gemüsesorten, sowie Produkte aus unserer Landwirtschaft auf Sie. Abensberger Spargel, Erdbeeren, Himbeeren, Kartoffeln und noch vieles mehr.



während der Spargelsaison von April bis Juni
täglich 08:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Neukirchen 9 | 93348 Train

The Products

  • Abensberger asparagus white and green
  • healthy vegetables - potatoes, pumkin...
  • all kind of berries - strawberries, raspberries, aronia berries
  • buckthorn and goji berries


  • grapes
  • eggs from Frieda & Friends
  • Pasta from the eggs of our chickens

the home of frieda & friends!

Always in a good mood, they really bring life to the place and keep our grandma Erna on her toes. Henriette, Frieda and their feathered friends provide the fresh breakfast eggs and they are also happy to take care of your breakfast at home - you can buy their fresh eggs in the farm shop every day.