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Good things are coming ... very soon!

Join us on an exciting kingfisher journey

After a somewhat lengthy planning process, the renovation work on the main building finally started on 1st March 2022 and, by May 2022, 25 rooms will appear in completely new splendour! The colours of the kingfisher will be present, but natural tones and fine fabrics will also find a new home.


Natural Colour Scheme

Where once the traditional country house style was at home, you will soon find an interplay of light, natural tones, warm oak and a shimmering dark blue wallpaper. Great fabrics with distinctive patterns, special tufted upholstery and creative ideas provide many small highlights that make this room type something special.

Comet Rooms

Perhaps you still remember the Chalet rooms? These are now ‘Comet’ rooms. All Comet rooms will be decorated in a rust colour scheme, providing real dream accommodation in the colours of the kingfisher – its appealing contemporary design making it a wonderful place to feel good.  Furnished with a generous wardrobe, more than enough cupboards for clothes, an extremely comfortable box spring bed, a large sofa and a great armchair. The bathrooms will also shine in new splendour: an enlarged shower and separate WC to provide lots of space and the ultimate feel-good effect!

Diamant & Eclipse Rooms

Domizil has become Diamant and Eisvogel has become Eclipse – these two room categories are decorated in the colours of ‘nature’. Here, elegant shades of blue meet pleasantly warm natural tones. A special feature here, among other things, is the larger bathrooms with marble look; but also, the shimmering dark blue wallpaper, combined with oak wood panelling that provides that extra elegance and make these two types of room places of real wellbeing.

Rust Colour Scheme

This colour scheme takes the shimmering colours of the kingfisher, combining a warm rust tone with a noble petrol blue. There is also great attention to detail here – such as eye-catching marble tyles, copper panelling, tufted upholstery, traditional wood panelling and much more.

Fine materials, sophisticated design & technical highlights

  • warm colours like those of a kingfisher (‘Eisvogel’ in German)
  • modern and soft high-quality fabrics
  • great patterns and marble-look tiles as a special feature
  • coordinated lighting concept
  • bright, larger bedrooms with separate WC access
  • solid wood floors and new-look wood panelling
  • air conditioning

Total reset

  • all 25 rooms have been completely gutted
  • almost no walls in the rooms have remained in place
  • some entrance doors have been moved to make better use of space
  • all bathrooms have been enlarged
  • new screed and electrics
  • air conditioning installed