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The Home of the Kingfisher

Learn more about the 'Eisvogel'

The kingfisher (German 'Eisvogel') is definitely one of the most distinctive birds in Germany. Its colourful plumage and long pointed beak make it unmistakable. But despite its distinctive features, exceptional luck is required to observe it. Because the kingfisher is not only very shy and a very fast flyer: it is also becoming increasingly rare.

A major reason for the decline: kingfishers are barely able to find suitable breeding grounds. The necessary natural watercourses with steep slopes are disappearing noticeably from the landscape. In their place, banks of ballast and concrete, which are a severe threat to the species. Because kingfishers do not build nests, but dig metre-long nesting holes in loam embankments. Continuing water pollution also affects this fascinating fish eater. They are dependent on clear waters, rich in fish.

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